San Gregorio. Products, based on fruits

Since 2003, we have offered  innovative products, based on tropical fruits, that are tailor-made to meet our customers’ needs.

Our products are easy to use, and we guarantee permanent stocks.

Our principal customers are restaurants and industry, and we offer portions of fruit in the form of individual chunks and pulp in one or various flavors for preparing cold or hot drinks, bases for slushies, juices ready for consumption, and fruit sauces.

We also process Hass avocado in pulp and chunks and we produce guacamole, using High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology for preservation purposes.

Easy to use


We work with 

small farmers

We foster 
long term relationships

We build trust 
and sustainability



Our infrastructure enables us to produce small plots, based around a certified quality management system.  We maintain a research and development dynamic in our efforts to innovate in our products and processes.

Our plant is certified in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and our production lines have Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification.



Tailor-made products to meet our customers’ needs.
Labor de codiseño entre SG y el cliente

Fruit chunks

Fruit pulps

Juices and nectars

Mix of fruit pulps

Fruit sauces

Infusion bases

Coconut lemonade 

Avocado and guacamole

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