San Gregorio was founded with the idea of being a positive influence in colombian society, and a force of change for some of the least fortunate. Thus, over a quarter of our workforce has some type of physical or mental dissability.

Since 2017 we have worked in partnership with the IDEAL Foundation to interview, hire, train and monitor incoming handicapped personnel.

We take their skills and knowledge into consideration in order to offer them job opportunities that allow for their overall development and improve their social and economic integration.

These people are a core part of our company, being some of the most efficient employees we have ever had as well a source of plenty of happy moments.


Our staff are dedicated people who are willing to learn. Around 25% of the staff at our processing plant have some kind of disability and 12% are single mothers.


We adhere to clean agriculture principles working with our own crops and require our suppliers to do the same, thus lessening the environmental impact of our activities. We forge long-term relations with our suppliers, based on principles of trust, sustainability and fair purchase prices.

We also support them in the application of Good Agricultural Practices, and we dispose of organic waste in such a way as to ensure that it forms a base for composting. This is even more important as we work with small farmers, many of them members of cooperatives.

Good Agricultural
Practices (BPA)


Organic waste for
composting base

We build long-term relationships with our suppliers based on principles of trust, sustainability and fair purchase prices.




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